Beauty Sensor
Analyses of more than
20 aging relevant genes

Beauty Sensor

How genes influence aging

Aging and especially aging of the skin has a number of different causes. People who are exposed to the same environmental factors do however show different rates of aging, which demonstrates the effect of different genetic profiles.

The aim of this program is to measure the status of these antiaging genes in our laboratory and to identify the personal strengths and weaknesses. Based on the unique genetic result, a genetically personalized beauty program can be initiated, that uses your strengths and counteracts your weaknesses.

Your genetic analysis tells us which substances your skin requires at what dosages. Then it is important to supply these nutrients to your skin in the right way.

Your genes influence the following aspects of the aging skin:

  • » Oxidative stress
  • » Skin hydration
  • » UV protection of the skin
  • » Collagen breakdown and production
  • » Your biological age
  • » Inflammation processes
  • » The effect of coenzyme Q 10
  • » Your selenium requirement


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