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Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Daniel Wallerstorfer Bsc.

Chairman of the Board and Chief Scientific Officer, is 32 years old, Austrian citizen and completed his higher education at one of Europe’s Top Universities in the field of life sciences (Rank 7th). He holds a degree of Molecular Biology (B.Sc..) and a PhD in Biotechnology. The research project for his PhD studies focused on genetic modification of hamster cells to increase therapeutic recombinant protein production. From an educational point of view, he has experience in genetics and molecular biology, epigenetic imprinting of genes, genetic modification of cells and genetic testing technologies (PCR, Sequencing, Agarose Gels, FISH, and Western Blots).
During the final years of studies, he became increasingly interested in human genetics, so that by the year 2009, he founded his first company Novogenia GmbH in Austria, with the aid of private investors. Shortly afterwards, the company DNA PLUS – center for human genetics was founded in Germany. Novogenia became a medically licensed (human) genetic laboratory, while DNA Plus became a genetic testing marketing company aiming at providing genetic testing services for medical purposes to interested individuals (personal genomics). Within a short time, the portfolio grew also into the field of lifestyle genetic diagnostics (no disease diagnosed or predicted) for weight management and healthy nutrition. This segmented the company into 2 product lines: Medical genetic tests for clinicians and Lifestyle genetic testing for sports studios, nutritionists, Multi Level Marketing firms and similar. As the companies grew, another field of business was developed: Newborn screening with the aim of diagnosing and treating inborn errors of metabolism in newborn babies. In 2012, the only Austrian competitor and world pioneer in personal genomics, Genosense Diagnostics was acquired and fused into Novogenia GmbH.

Through continuous profitable growth of more than 100% per year and the acquisition of Genosense, the Novogenia group of companies became the European market leader in Lifestyle genetic testing as well as extended newborn screening in the private sector. Through Genosense, the company also has a history as the world pioneer in preventive personal genomics. The company specializes in genetic testing development and white labelling for other distribution partners and counts large companies such as AMWAY, CryoSave and Seracell among its list of customers. To date, Daniel Wallerstorfer is the CEO of the Novogenia Group of companies consisting of Novogenia GmbH, DNA Plus –Center for human Genetics GmbH and Genome Plus GmbH. Under his direction, a local processing unit for newborn screening has been established in Spain under the name of CDEMAC, of which Novogenia is founding partner and shareholder.

Project manager - Cosmetics

Mag. (FH) Maria Wallerstorfer

Maria Wallerstorfer has acquired a bachelors degree in product- and design management at the university of applied sciences in Salzburg. During these studies she gained an extensive knowledge in the fields of product development, product management, marketing and brand management. Due to her interest in developing new, innovative and user friendly products and services, she then completed a degree in Industrial Design at the University of applied sciences (FH Joanneum) in Graz, which is rated among the 60 best design schools worldwide by the leading US magazine "Business Week". Maria has advanced skills in ideation, concept-development, modeling, rendering and graphics design. Both studies gave her a good insight in the business as well as the design side of developing and marketing new products. Maria speaks English fluently after spending 1 and a half years in England where she did work as an Au Pair in Cambridge as well as did an Design Internship in London.

Since Novogenia is a young and inspired business, which has loads of innovative product and web-based software ideas, it is the perfect working place for an open minded person like her.

Project manager - Food supplements

Michael Huttegger MIM

Michael is of Austrian nationality and was born on the 11.12.1982 in Austria. At the age of 15 he began his apprenticeship as a chef /waiter and worked his way up to the status of restaurant manager, before changing over to the hotel industry, where he eventually became front- and Back office manager as the direct subordinate of the hotel director in renowned Hotels such as the Kasererbroeu Hotel in the heart of the Salzburg old town and the Elisabeth Park Hotel in Bad Gastein. Having reached the top of the career ladder in the hotel industry, he changed to sales as an employee of EKS-Touristik, part of the TUI group to have time to also further his Education with a master’s degree at the Salzburg university. He now holds the degree of Master in Management (MIM) with expertise in Economics and Business management. He joined the Novogenia Group in 2012 and holds the position of Chief Operations Officer. Through his exceptional dedication he quickly gained the status of minority shareholder in the Novogenia GmbH.