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About us

DNAbeautyControl is a brand of the Novogenia Group, under whose management the products distributed hereunder are developed and produced. DNAbeautyControl's range of services includes gene analyses (performed in the laboratory of Novogenia GmbH www.novogenia.com), personalised dietary supplements (produced by Genome Plus GmbH www.genomeplus.online) and personalised cosmetics (produced by Genome Plus GmbH www.genomeplus.online).

The Novogenia GmbH was founded by Dr. Daniel Wallerstorfer in 2009, in Austria, and received in the same year the license for medical genetic testing from the Federal Ministry of Health.

In the same time, the DNA Plus Center for Human Genetics UG (limited liability) was founded in Germany under the control of Novogenia GmbH.

Novogenia and DNA plus initially offered only genetic tests for health care, but expanded their portfolio with lifestyle genetic testing in the field of Nutrigenetics and weight control. Novogenia also expanded over the years in the area of neonatal screening across Europe.

In 2011, the Novogenia GmbH created the Novogenia laboratory network. Within a short time, more than 100 medical genetic laboratories were added to this network, with a portfolio of more than 3000 various medical genetic testing.

In 2012, the Novogenia GmbH took over the worldwide pioneer in preventive genetic diagnostics, GENOSENSE Diagnostics GmbH, with more than eleven years of experience in this area.

In 2013, Novogenia prepared again to extend its portfolio in new business areas, such as dietary supplements based on genetic data. This project was launched in 2014.

The Novogenia Group is one of Europe's market leaders in lifestyle and genetic diagnostics and a global pioneer in preventive genetic diagnostics.

Genome Plus was founded in 2014 as a spin-off of the Novogenia Group. Genome Plus is an independent company that benefits from Novogenia's many years of experience and innovative product development history and bundles this knowledge for its customers. Genome Plus products are the solution for nutritional supplements based on genetic tests.

These well-known and innovative products and services have been adapted to international requirements. This enables Genome Plus to offer its customers tested products and services of the highest quality.

The products are developed under the supervision of Dr. Daniel Wallerstorfer Bsc (molecular biologist and biotechnology). Michael Huttegger MIB is in charge of the production of personalised dietary supplements and personalised cosmetics is managed by the qualified engineer Dipl. Ing. FH Maria Wallerstorfer.