lies within your genes!

The current state of science already knows more than 20 genetic variations that influence more than 8 different factors of skin aging. Through a genetic analysis you can find out what to do about them.

The advantages of the program:

  • » Identify and neutralize personal weaknesses
  • » Use personal strengths
  • » All substances in exactly the right dosage
  • » Optimized uptake of the substances through the skin
  • » Optimized uptake of the substances through nutrition
  • » Fight signs of aging from the inside and the outside simultaneously

In-depth look into the science of DNAbeautyControl


Beauty Sensor


Which inborn strengths and weaknesses influence the aging of your skin and how can you intervene?


GENE-COSMETICS from the outside

Personalized cosmetics based on your genes - Some micronutrients can penetrate the skin and then express their effect.


MICRONUTRIENTS from the inside

Personalized Micronutrients based on your genes - Some micronutrients cannot penetrate the skin and would not show any effect if applied in the form of skin cream.


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